NY Bound

On Monday I officially wound up The Sketchbook Project 2012, headed to the post office and sent my book on it’s way. It arrived safely in Brooklyn on friday, ready to begin it’s official tour which finishes in Melbourne in November.

In a technology meltdown I lost a number of photos this week including the final book. Nevertheless here are some images from the final stages.

Choosing to work on heavier paper than supplied by the organisers required completely remaking the book. Which didn’t sound too crazy until it was 3 days before the book was due and I hadn’t even started. It was however, completely worth it and not that hard. Just sticky, really really sticky.

To bind the pages together I used a coptic stitching method based on the instructions found on Trumpetvine Travels. I hunted high and low for Linen thread but in the end settled for white sewing cotton which I used double stranded and coated with beeswax. It did just fine.

I used a flocked paper and cardboard to make the cover. Unfortunately I forgot that flocking is made from thousands of short fibres which go absolutely everywhere when cut. Combined with the sticky sticky, this part of the process was a little messy messy.

For the endpapers, I used a printed rice paper. I couldn’t resist that print.

I created two title pages, the fist was hand cut lettering and the second with cut paper (including my favourite metallic silver that I keep for special occasions). You’ll just have to image what the first one looks like.


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