2011 Life Drawing In Review

I’ve been pondering my life drawing, feeling like it’s not where it should be. I’ve been looking at old drawings, thinking about my Sketchbook Project and wondering how it all fits or doesn’t fit together. So I thought it might be a nice pause, between The Sketchbook Project and what’s next, do a short history.

In 2011 I started attending a class that I really like but unfortunately has some space restrictions and no easels. So no big ink paintings for me. I wasn’t exactly what you would call regular. I slowly lost direction and wound up here in 2012, drawing just the way I was at home on The Sketchbook Project. Which is fine, but why go? Time for a kick start again.

So i’m packing up my ink set and heading out to try some new classes, mix them in with the old one and see what comes out. Buckle in and keep your eye out for progress shots, i’m not sure where it’s headed but that’s sort of the point.

  1. Neil said:

    Thanks for calling by on my blog. I came back to look again. You have a very technical style of drawing that speaks of simple competence. What I mean is there is a sense of method that will work each time the pencil touches the page, with each model, with each pose. Perhaps this is selective posting (as we all do I guess).. I wonder how long these took you. They look like quick (10-20minute) accurate sketches without much correction going on, but perhaps that is an illusion. I guess we all feel dissatisfied with our current skills, but I would be glad to be able to achieve what you do here. That is one of my goals.

    • Hi Neil. Yes, they are all under 20 mins. Mostly 5 or 10 minute poses. The work from 2009/2010 is mainly 3-8 min poses. I did some heavy duty life drawing training at university (15 years ago). My classes are a mix of trying to rebuild those technical skills and experimenting. Intense training definately leaves you with a process of simultaneous seeing/drawing/reviewing which becomes second nature. Of course without regular practice or trust in your skill, it doesn’t always work out! You’re right, I don’t generally do corrections although in late 2011 I was using pencil and getting a bit lazy (=eraser usage). It may well be very interesting to do a post with all the drawings from one class (warm up through to 20mins) to show the whole picture. It is insightful to hear what you see in my work. I am quite impressed with your life drawings and can’t imagine being able to paint the way you do. – Kate

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