Paint It Black

When I was a kid, I couldn’t understand why none of the other kids liked black lollies. Whenever a birthday party lolly bag time came around, I made the most of my penchant for aniseed by trading my ‘Mint Leaves’, which I detested, for a bucketloads of ‘Black Cats’ and black jelly beans. Looking back now, I can see I was destined to become a Melbourne Designer (famed for our love of black).

A few weeks ago I visited Porter’s Paints to pick up some paint for a bit of DIY action. I requested black and was presented with a few colour cards. Aniseed won hands down, mostly for the sentimental images the name conjured up, but also for being the perfect matte “almost black”.

In January I was lucky enough to have a drawing board custom built for me by my dad. It’s sturdy, the perfect size and can be folded up and put away. It’s pretty darn ace but the deal was, he builds, I paint.

So this weekend it went from this:

Via this:

To a very handsome shade of almost black (don’t you just want to eat it up?).

If you, like my dad, are wondering why on earth i’d paint it black, you need only visit this Manhattan Nest post. If I wasn’t renting, my doors would be black now too.

I’ve been lusting after other peoples studio spaces online for awhile now and thinking that it would be so nice to have an art studio. That aren’t those people so lucky? And then I thought, well I could just make myself one. So with the new drawing board and a few new *cough*Ikea*cough* bits, I cleared all the art making debris from my dining table/ kitchen bench/floor and created my own little studio space. Fresh and ready for action.

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