Virtue By Name

Recently I cut a page out of a magazine, a simple illustration with the text “Everything Is Going To Be Ok”. There is currently a proliferation of this type of positive messaging in visual media. A reach towards comfort, positivity and perseverance. In uncertain times, as we learn the world won’t always bend to our will, it’s something to hold on to. And we’re holding on indeed.

It takes me back to my fascination with virtue names, in particular, the names made “common” by the Puritans. Names like Faith, Hope, Grace, Honor, Joy, Charity & Patience. It’s a curious burden for a child, a woman, to carry such a label through life. Yet it is also a simple and beautiful reminder of  the traits we once, and seemingly still do, wish to develop in our children, in ourselves.

Simple affirmations, comfort and reassurance.

‘Hope’ – Cotton Embroidery on Linen.


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