Monthly Archives: April 2012


Heffernan Lane in Melbourne is a pretty quiet one. Clean and nice but hang on, what did that sign say? The lane has a permanent installation of text art and all the work is created using traditional shop/street signage formats. Really curious the first time you find yourself there. Close up images on Google here.

Well you know I love me a bit of Urbex photography. You may also know am currently getting to know a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 (i’m rocking like it’s 2003). So today I set out for our first shoot, to record a site currently under re-development. Now, i’m not really one to get involved with trespassing, but today I thought, be brave, go on, just do it. Despite my trepidation, I had a great time wondering around this site, pouring over the layers like I was on an archeological dig. Being me, with my luck, I was confronted by a team of SES (emergency services) workers. I was sure I was busted, they had papers, was I getting a fine? No, they were just on a manhunt. You know, if you see this guy, call the police. Right. Good. Ok. Phew, I think.

Like I wasn’t on edge enough already.

I am currently sorting through my images and looking forward to sharing the story soon.

When life won’t tell you it’s plans, you best be getting on with making some of your own. I’m working on a secret little project. Mr Elephant here is a little hint of what’s to come.

I hate when people say that, so i’ll just tell you, even though it’s still a secret right? Good. Recently I started work compiling images for a photo zine series, because why aim for one, when you can aim for 3 or 4 or 5 or… Inspired by all the great work at the I.P.F Photo Book & Zine Fair, I thought why not? And i’ll tell you all about that event on the weekend.