Monthly Archives: June 2012


Recently I was traveling by train through western Melbourne and realised I had never been to Footscray. How could this happen? I was sure i’d been almost everywhere. But Footscray had slipped me by. So last weekend I roped in a friend and made the very short trip out there. It’s a bustling place crammed full of Vietnamese and African food purveyors, old Italian hairdresser’s and plenty of 2nd rate fruit.

I loaded my film camera with Kodak Portra 160 (what a nice film) and decided that it was high time I got a bit more technical and taught myself to use depth of field again. I did battle with my lazy eyes that don’t stay in focus. I got focused on all the wrong bits. And along the way I learnt quite a lot about aperture. My horizon didn’t just expand, it exploded.

In the spirit of learning Miranda brought along her new Yashica Range Finder, what a curious beast. A whole other way of working with light.

I have plenty of Footscray images to post in the coming week. A whole new slice of Melbourne, in colour, because it’s that kind of place.