Situated on Rugen island in the former East Germany, Prora is an iconic piece of Third Reich architecture. Built along the beachfront, this 2km long, 6 story high monolith is a haunting experiment in social engineering that was never completed.

  1. They build this house to make holidays in the IIIempire ….. ubsurde, it is the longest house in germany and no one knows what to do with it, it is too horrible !

    • Hi Juergen. I hear they sold some of it for private development? It is an interesting and important historical place. What to do with it is a complex issue.. Not sure i’d be comfortable having a holiday there (I know there is a youth hostel in part of the building).

  2. Miranda Costa said:

    Love these photos… memories of a holiday in Germany are coming back to me

  3. kara mallia said:

    this is simply a beautiful photograph Kate, it really captures the endlessness!!

    • Thanks Kara, crazy but because of the sheer size and the coastal trees the only way to capture it all is to take arial pics.

      And nice to see you popped over to the blog.

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