Monthly Archives: September 2012


Presenting the complete set of images that I re-processed for the Click 12 show at Brunswick Street Gallery here in Melbourne. Opening night was great fun, but it was most peculiar to watch people looking at my work.

So i’ve been working on a submission to the Click 12 photography competition and exhibition to be held at the Brunswick Street Gallery here in Melbourne. It’s an open exhibition and I thought, why the hell not? I’ve re-processed a few images based on the theme of abandoned spaces. They are all from the last 6 months of the blog. It’s nice to see them as a little family of four. I’ll post them all once the show opens on friday.

The images have been printed on cotton rag with an inkjet printer which gives them a lovely texture and a velvet finish to the black areas. I’m pretty impressed with the texture and imaging. It’s great to see them off the screen and in a new context.

Detail below from one of my rejected prints.