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KD_Canon_R2_030 EDITED SMI love Kodak Portra 160 but I can be convinced to up the ISO. First foray into Fuji 1600.



KD_Seagull_R1_007 EDITED SMKD_Seagull_R1_011 EDITED SMIn October I finally learnt how to load film in my vintage Seagull TLR (Circa Mid 50s) and took her on an outing to Flinders. A steep learning curve and many blank frames ensued, but medium format was certainly the winner. I’m sold. This machine needs a patient mind and plenty of time but is well worth the effort.

Below The Quiet Hedonist at work with the Seagull.Image stolen from Daniel Klaas  (below on his Medium format Hassleblad).

Flinders Hasselblad Dan Kate Oct 2012Flinders Canon Dan Kate Oct 2012