Round two on the Vintage Seagull TLR. Slowly getting the hang of the focus, slowly losing my grip on my manual film winding skills.

This time round you could see more of the lens quality, how it has a slight vignette, some barrelling at the top and is just a little bit ‘soft’. Pretty happy with how it shoots nontheless.


  1. so you tagged this post with “colour film”… i’d be interested 😉
    nice title by the way.

      • i see. are you planning to post more from this roll?

      • Yes, I have 3 more shots to post this week : ) Are you on to roll 3?

      • oh cool! ich bin sehr gespannt 😉
        i haven’t started roll 3 yet and i am still contemplating taking the seagull out on a five day trip to western germany. but i guess with only one film it would not be worth the hassle. so roll 3 might have to wait a little bit longer…

      • Have a great trip! I’m sure you’ll get some great images with or without the seagull.

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