CaptainsThe Quiet Hedonist making new Instagrams at The Captains of Industry. Photo stolen from Daniel Klaas. Edited by The Quiet Hedonist for good measure.

And so another year roles round. And once again, in the post-festivity calm, I am left to ponder the year ahead. This year my job will reduce to only 4 days per week, leaving a whole stack of new time for creative endeavours. 2012 was a challenging and interesting year. I completed the sketchbook project, lost my job, wrote coffee reviews and really focused my creative time on photography. When I thought I would be drawing, I ended up out taking photographs. As 2012 taught me, you can’t plan everything, so this year i’m aiming for:

  • Outline all those projects i’ve been talking about and start. Stop saying yes to other peoples projects and take some time for mine. I sum this up with the words: focus and organisation.
  • Learn more about lighting and product photography. On a basic level, these are already part of my professional job, but not something I have much experience with.
  • Master the Seagull. This machine requires patience, dedication and good eyesight.
  • On which note, complete my eye therapy. Cross fingers it helps with manual focusing and using viewfinders. Oh, and seeing properly and all that. Ok, this is a January plan.
  • Drink more lattes in more cafes.
  • Make some time for drawing again.
  • Push my boundaries. Apparently it’s good for you.
  • Travel to Japan. This was meant to happen in 2012, until I lost my job that is. Tokyo in the June holidays, you’re on.

2013, bring it on!