People That Make Stuff

I don’t often talk about other creatives here, I mean, it is my blog after all. But the time has come to introduce you to my fellow designer, artist and good friend, Miranda Costa. We met about 4 years ago on a street art photography expedition. Since then we have teamed up for photography days, overseas adventures and cheered each other on as we navigated The Sketchbook Project.

It was my birthday this week and to honour the occasion Miranda presented me with this fantastic drawing. I saw the rough she posted on Facebook and secretly hoped the drawing was for me, and indeed it was. My own flamingo! Ever since I had the pleasure of meeting the flock in Kowloon Park, Hong Kong, I have had a soft spot for these crazy pink birds.

Miranda has a firm commitment to analogue processes and experimentation. You can visit her here, it’s a veritable menagerie of ink and water colour goodness.


Above is an amazing piece of visual merchandising in the Melbourne Sportsgirl store. I was thinking how very now this is, with a similar palette and style to illustrators/designers like Beci Orpin and Rachel Castle. Later in the day I visited the Linda Jackson exhibition at the NGV and was struck how very similar the aesthetic was. Jackson is an iconic Australian fashion designer from the 70s/80s whose illustrations done in texta are as relevant today as they were when they were created. Below is an amazing printed fabric from the exhibtion.

I had cause recently, to ponder just how long i’ve been shopping online. 1999. Although back then I had no credit card and it was through my first “boyfriend” who incidentally, I met online (long before online dating sites ever existed). Those first purchases were a heady mix of obscure indie pop, vinyl and long distance romantic liaisons.

These days i’m still online shopping. There’s nothing like the anticipation of a package and these recent arrivals didn’t disappoint:

Jen Ray Rocks my world. We had a lot of trouble getting this print to me, but we are finally united and are often caught sending loving looks to each other. Hello “I am an Island”, make yourself at home.

And look what else arrived in January
The triangle day bag from Bookhou. While working on The Sketchbook Project, I pretty much reached “triangle” saturation point. But at the height of it all, Anna from Door Sixteen posted a pic of this bag on Facebook and I couldn’t resist and straight into my shopping cart it went.  Designed, printed and hand made by Arrouna at Bookhou. It’s the perfect size for all my daily bits and often a spare cardie or book.

Online shopping my friend, you are my Archilles heal.

* 2013 Note: I love this bag but have had some quality issues and problems with the fabric rubbing on my clothes causing damage. Just a heads up if you found my post via googling Bookhou.