On Location, Berlin. Photograph by Miranda Costa

Recently Robert Santafede tagged me for a Most Genuine Blogger award. I’m a big fan of his fantastic urban photography and blog and I advise you go check it out and see it for yourself. Part of the award is sharing 7 things about yourself, the other nominating 7 blogs for the award. To be honest, i’ve not been that active with blogs lately so don’t feel up to the nominations BUT I do love nattering about myself so I thought that part might be fun to do anyway. So..

1. I studied SLR photography at school using a Pentax K1000. Currently I am rocking the iphone and a Canon EOS film camera. Recently I was loaned a Sony DSC-R1 by a very generous friend. It’s got a lot more buttons than the K1000 and i’m still reading the manual. Watch out, high res shots about to hit the blog.

2. Hey ladies, pleased to see you! Early on this blog attracted mostly men, great to see a more even gender balance recently. This is pretty much inline with offline.

3. I love all things internet but remain a bit of a Luddite outside of that domain. No TV, no microwave and no car. People often ask what I “do” if I don’t watch TV. Are they serious?

4. I work in the fashion industry but i’m no fashionista and i’m yet to experience the “glamour” i’ve heard so much about in the movies.

5. Recently I lost my job. I don’t know why they call it that because I certainly know where I left it last. Unfortunately for my productivity I am back to work next week. I design/source fashion accessories.

6. I have a dry sense of humour, it can be quite awkward. People are so literal.

7. Coffee consumption takes up a lot of my aforementioned “free time”. Recently I created a blog reporting on Melbourne cafes here.

So, mysterious audience, feel free to comment with a thing or two or seven about yourself. I’d love to hear it.