KDID_1_2400dpi_017KDID_1_2400dpi_016KDID_1_2400dpi_014Some more shots from the wacky little Ilford disposable.




Last weekend I hit the road with an Ilford disposable film cameral in hand. The Ilford is a crazy little machine, full of strange lens blurs, vignettes and curious random light. And with it’s high contrast black & white film, this is a camera after my heart.

More happy snaps from this little baby shortly.

Hanging Rock

From the top of Hanging Rock, made legendary by the mysterical 1970s film Picnic at Hanging Rock. A timely post, as the film chronicles the disappearance of several schoolgirls and their teacher on Valentines Day, 1900. A spooky film that still begs the question, is it a true story?

Here you can clearly see the vignetting from the Seagull lens. No hipster filters here, that’s straight up, real life vintage camera action.


Round two on the Vintage Seagull TLR. Slowly getting the hang of the focus, slowly losing my grip on my manual film winding skills.

This time round you could see more of the lens quality, how it has a slight vignette, some barrelling at the top and is just a little bit ‘soft’. Pretty happy with how it shoots nontheless.