In Progress

On a dark night, of an ugly week. I thought it would be good hair practise, but in the end, it was was all about the ear.


Another new technique? Why not. Having a play translating a life drawing into lino print. This is layer 1, I think I will work a reduction print in 2 colours. Now, I just need some ink.

In January I acquired a new craft book called “Pictures with Pins”. I had some grand visions of incorporating this “art” into some new pieces but was too busy with The Sketchbook Project to explore. But the time has finally come, the 70s live on and I have started on my pin art journey.

Originally I thought I could just fake it and just used foam core and pins while testing out the technique. But no, you cannot cheat on 70s craft. It’s wood and nails all the way. The foam core does not hold the pins tightly enough to keep the string tight, and nobody likes flacid string art. This seriously limits what I intended to use this technique for but i’ve still got one idea up my crafty sleeve…

Despite the issues, I played around enough to get a feel for the process and in desperation, used the back of an old picture frame to try out the pins in some wood. It made the process a hundred times easier. Lesson from the 70s, pin art may be frugal craft but there will be no skimping on the wood.

For these trials I used 16mm long Brass Sequin & Bead pins and general sewing thread.

Pin Art